Klimagrafik Klimagrafik
Stones that calculate Steine, die rechnen
Design for Future Design for Future
Seeing Green Seeing Green zoom
Education for Sustainable Development Education for Sustainable Development
Arctic climate quiz Klimawandel aus Arktischer Sicht, Eisbär
Critical Zones Critical Zones
Hey Greta! Hey Greta!
Climate-neutral printing Climate-neutral printing
Ain’t that good news Ain't that good news
Nutrition, climate and environmental protection Nutrition, climate and environmental protection
Stranger Living Stranger Living
Educational architecture Educational architecture
Nuances and polarities of colours
Slow Planet Slow Planet
Automated Stroll Automated Stroll
Resilience and transformation of urban structures Resilienz
Planetary Scrollytelling Planetary Scrollytelling
Graphic Kites Marina Tkhorzhevskaia
Tipping Points
Rebel For Future Holistic Communication Design
Fragile, beautiful and slimy: jellyfish Plakat Qualle
Searching for Climate Justice Searching for Climate Justice
To stay… To stay…
Future Reflections Future Reflections
The Senses Toolkit
Credits Credits
Pitch your Green Idea game
Species to Species Services Species to Species Services
Resource optimisation in construction Resource optimisation in construction
Campus Climate Gardens Campusgarten
Some Magazine #10 Fire Some Magazine
Climate semester and scientific research wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
Prototyping Reality Prototyping Reality
The Last One: Little Penguins Journey pinguin
We're on it! Project "safe the world" Wir sind dran
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Flattening two curves: university in times of climate crisis and corona pandemic.

The Klimaschau shows the range of potential that could be tapped during the Klimasemester in summer 2020 at the University of Applied Sciences in order to collectively address the challenges of the climate crisis and develop transdisciplinary approaches and sustainable actions for the here and now.

Live event 07/17 – presentations of the courses & projects of the climate semester

On July 17, 2020, the results of the climate semester in the summer semester 2020 at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences will be presented live on Zoom, bringing the topic into discussion.


How can interactive infographics be used to demonstrate the effects and strategies for solving the problem of global warming?
Steine, die rechnen

Stones that calculate – materiality in the post-digital world

What are the material dependencies of our networked society?
Design for Future

Design for Future – Conception of the Transformation Design Kit

Shaping visions of the future for a climate-neutral, resource-light and just society.
Seeing Green zoom

Seeing Green – Design practices of environmental and climate protection

What role does design play in people’s inaction in issues of climate protection?
Education for Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development

We develop didactic Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) sequences in cooperation with a child and youth welfare organisation for residential groups.
Klimawandel aus Arktischer Sicht, Eisbär

Arctic climate quiz – Tracking down data, misinformation and (political) decision-making processes

How is climate change in the Arctic being researched, what is the data telling us and what is happening with this scientific knowledge on its way into society and politics?
Critical Zones

Critical Zones – Observatories for Earthly Politics. Seminar on the exhibition at the ZKM Karlsruhe

What kind of new vision of the Earth and the planetary is required by the ecological crisis and climate change?
Hey Greta!

Hey Greta!

This course refers to the current discussions about “Fridays for Future” and the quest for a more responsible approach to nature, our resources and the environment.
Climate-neutral printing

Climate-neutral printing – Studies on the topic of climate-neutral printing

Possibilities for responsible production of printed products, a publication entitled "Designing climate-friendly? Reflections on responsible printing".
Ain't that good news

Ain’t that good news – Designing a visual newspaper section

How do we imagine dealing with climate and environmental issues in the section of a daily newspaper? What could such a visual series contribute to the topic, what should it trigger in the reader, what could its visual design look like and in which media format would it ideally transport its content?
Nutrition, climate and environmental protection

Nutrition, climate and environmental protection

What are the most climate-friendly ways of nutrition?
Stranger Living

Stranger Living – Are Dumb Cities the New Smart Cities?

What can a good, climate-friendly life in the city look like beyond the mainstream trends of future mobility and smart city concepts, and how can alternative scenarios be made tangible with the help of prototypes?
Educational architecture

Educational architecture – Participation in school building construction

How should we learn and teach in the future and which constructional effects will result from this?

Nuances and polarities of colours

Climate change can be observed in nature and is at the same time a hyper-object that eludes concrete imagination. Subjective color sensations and the parallel examination of climate research and its visualizations led to nuanced individual representations and team projects.
Slow Planet

Slow Planet

What could life on a post-pandemic Slow Planet look like?
Automated Stroll

Automated Stroll – Urban, design and strolling workshop

Strolling workshop, Foot Camp, teaching canapé? The experimental seminar provides compact, active and public skills in the following areas: Strollology, urbanism and architecture, design history and theory, prototyping, transdisciplinarity, mobility and automated driving, social movements, public engagement and participation. How can we respond to climate change and related technological innovations?

Resilience and transformation of urban structures

Resilience describes the ability of a complex system to return to the initial state despite strong external disturbances or to establish a new system state which even shows an improved system behaviour compared to the initial state.


What will the wind turbines of the future look like?
Planetary Scrollytelling

Planetary Scrollytelling – Visual data essays about system earth

How can the concept of planetary boundaries become tangible with visualised data and concrete examples?
Marina Tkhorzhevskaia

Graphic Kites – A Manual For Wind

We use creative means to investigate the kite as an object and the wind as a medium.

Tipping Points – Visual experiments on disruptive climate system changes due to global warming

Visualisations of a range of tipping elements, staged by design students of FH Potsdam as spatial installations to make the devastating dynamics vivid and sensual
Holistic Communication Design

Rebel For Future – Holistic communication design

☞ What makes a communication design of the future? What are the values and visions of the future of community and the environment and effective narratives and framings? How do we talk about nature and organisms in 2020? How can transformation design be made attractive & appealing?
Plakat Qualle

Fragile, beautiful and slimy: jellyfish – a typographic study

“Jellyfish are the last ones that will be left when everything else falls apart,” says Australian marine biologist and jellyfish expert Lisa-Ann Gershwin.
Searching for Climate Justice

Searching for Climate Justice

What does climate justice mean?
To stay…

To stay…

In a mobile culture, how do we manage to reduce the ecological footprint to a responsible level with the help of intelligent product development?
Future Reflections

Future Reflections – modular concepts for sustainable luminaires

What does sustainable light mean and what do future lighting concepts look like?

The Senses Toolkit

How can we understand and communicate climate change scenarios?

Credits – Klimaschau

The Klimaschau is the digital exhibition of works in the context of the 2020 climate semester at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences.

Pitch your Green Idea – The sustainable entrepreneurship game

Game-based workshop on the sustainable development of founding ideas in the context of the climate show - with prizes for the best ideas! REGISTER NOW!
Species to Species Services

Species to Species Services

How can we unlearn world views that we have become so accustomed to and imagine and design for new forms of conviviality?
Resource optimisation in construction

Resource optimisation in construction – Motivation and example

Resource optimisation–relevance for building operation but also for construction

Campus Climate Gardens

What social, ecological and climatic contributions do collective gardens make in the context of increasing urban greening as a result of climate change?
Some Magazine

Some Magazine #10 Fire – A Magazine between Art and Design

wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

Climate semester and scientific research

How can research on, in and through design be done on the subject of climate?
Prototyping Reality

Prototyping Reality – spatial & contextsensitive interfaces

How can we use the potential of a new technology like Augmented Reality as designers to respond to challenges such as climate change or the COVID 19 pandemic?

The Last One: Little Penguins Journey – Seminar: Interactive Narratives

We created a game on Twine, which represents an interactive narrative on a environmental topic because of the currency of this issue. The protagonist is a little penguin which stands for animals that suffer from environmental problems like global warming and pollution of the sea through cruise ships, overfishing and waste.
Wir sind dran

We're on it! Project "safe the world"

What can each*r individual do to make a contribution to sustainability (every day)?